Google Vs Machadalo MCA: Which Is The Better Platform For Lead Generation

In 2022, WhatsApp had 2.44 billion users worldwide.

WhatsApp user base



WhatsApp is the 3rd most downloaded app with 424 million app downloads.

WhatsApp app downloads

And in India, there are 487.5 million active WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp active users India
For businesses, that means WhatsApp is THE platform to get business. Your audience is there and they are using WhatsApp more than any other app.

But are you still stuck with good ol’ Google for lead generation? Well, it is time to change that. With Machadalo’s AI/ML-backed chatbot – Machadalo Customer Assistant (MCA).

What is MCA?
How is it better than Google for lead generation?

Find answers to all your questions in our head-to-head comparison of Google vs. MCA WhatsApp chatbot right here. 

What is MCA?

Machadalo’s WhatsApp chatbot MCA is an aggregator bot that helps you leverage our existing audience of 40 million B2C and 2 million B2B decision makers to get quality leads for your business.

Here are 3 ways Machadalo’s WhatsApp chatbot helps you get leads:

1. Chatbot + Human Intervention = The Perfect Combo For Success

Machadalo has developed a proprietary “intervene” technology that offers the perfect mix of a chatbot’s efficiency and a human agent’s personal touch.

Here’s what happens:

Our customer relationship managers monitor MCA’s conversions with your target audiences. And when they see customers getting stuck, they intervene and ensure the hiccups are crossed with ease. 

Also, with MCA, your audience always knows that a human is just around to talk to them.

2. 360-Degree Communication: No Confusion, Only Conversions

At Machadalo, we understand that Sales isn’t a one-man show. The entire team needs to be involved. And more importantly, the entire team needs to be on the same page.

That’s why, with Machadalo all sales stakeholders – sales persons on the field, sales and marketing heads, and end-customers are brought to the same platform, in real-time – WhatsApp.

How does that help?

  • Customers can submit their requirements/queries

  • Sales/Marketing heads receive the leads on WhatsApp in real-time

  • Sales/Marketing heads can transfer the leads to regional managers and on-field sales teams in just a single click.

  • Salespersons can immediately connect with end customers.

The outcome?

  • Customers get their queries addressed in seconds instead of days

  • Time lag in lead generation and action on the lead brought down to 0

  • All sales stakeholders get real-time updates. Right on WhatsApp

3. A Lightweight CRM: Right On WhatsApp

If you ask 100 salespeople what’s the one thing they hate about their job, here’s what you’ll get to hear: Complicated dashboards.

When you’ve got customers to please and sales to close, who’s got the time to log into a legacy system and enter lead updates and statuses?

Machadalo ensures salespersons can focus on sales and not spend time in dashboard training.

How? With comments and status updates right on WhatsApp.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

How does it help your business?

  1. You get real-time updates about what’s happening on the sales front.

  2. Armed with this info, you can shift trajectories and make insightful decisions.

  3. Your sales team is focused on doing what they do best – bring in that cash flow!

Google vs. MCA for Lead Generation

1. Pull-Based vs. Push-Based Search

Google Search operates on a pull-based approach, where users actively seek specific needs. MCA, however, also employs a push-based strategy, disseminating templates to a precisely targeted audience.

Google’s rapid response time of under 0.1 seconds contrasts with MCA’s under 1-second speed. However, Google’s speed often comes at the expense of advertisements, a trade-off that MCA avoids while delivering a seamless user experience.

2. Adaptable Templates

Machadalo MCA takes the upper hand here. While Google Search lacks the capability to send templates, MCA facilitates the distribution of thousands of templates within minutes, catering to diverse business niches and preferences.

This versatility empowers businesses to efficiently engage with a focused audience without compromising on personalization.

3. Campaign Performance and Cost Efficiency

Google Search excels in certain B2C campaigns but falters in many B2B campaigns due to elevated CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost).

In stark contrast, MCA shines when targeting decision-makers, significantly curbing CPL and CAC across various B2B sectors. By leveraging deep statistics, MCA optimizes B2C campaigns, achieving cost-efficiency while sustaining effectiveness.

4. Clicking on URLs

MCA’s advantage becomes evident in this arena. Unlike Google Search, MCA doesn’t require users to click on URLs to access desired information. The result? Zero seconds for MCA compared to the time-consuming process on Google Search.

5. Multiple Selections

Google Search offers an array of choices; more than Machadalo does. However, Machadalo’s MCA chatbot provides a more efficient solution.

How? Users can make selections with just a few clicks on MCA, while Google’s process involves multiple clicks, opening various pages simultaneously. The ease and simplicity of MCA’s approach provide a clear edge in user experience.

6. User Identification and Accessibility

MCA capitalizes on WhatsApp’s secure channel to identify users by their phone numbers, enabling quick access.

Contrary to that, Google Search necessitates either account creation or OTP generation with CAPTCHA, consuming valuable time. MCA’s zero-second identification trumps Google’s 3-5 minute process, mitigating decision fatigue for your end-customers and faster lead gen for you.

7. Streamlined Requirement Capture

With just a few clicks, businesses can capture requirements seamlessly with MCA. With Google Search, on the other hand, detailed forms have to be filled out for each selected service provider. This process often takes over 15 minutes to fill in the “Request a Quote” forms for 2-3 companies.

MCA eliminates this redundancy, saving time and effort.

8. Repeat of Search Based on Specific Need

Both platforms offer rapid responses when searching for specific needs. Google Search responds in under 0.1 seconds, while MCA takes less than 1 second.

However, Google’s results often come accompanied by a barrage of advertisements, while MCA provides a clutter-free experience.

Gearing Towards Efficient Lead Generation With Machadalo

The dynamic landscape of mobile-centric searches presents businesses with a crucial choice between Google Search and Machadalo MCA for lead generation.

While Google offers instantaneous results, its drawbacks include advertisement overload and variable campaign performance.

On the other hand, Machadalo MCA provides an ad-free, tailored experience, excelling in targeting decision-makers and delivering versatile templates for maximum impact.

As your business navigates this landscape, a deep understanding of these platforms’ nuances will empower you to make strategic choices that align with your growth objectives.

Schedule a demo to explore Machadalo’s MCA chatbot in action and gear toward the most efficient method of lead generation!

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