Case Study 1

Problem/client background:

  • Client is one of the large funded F&B internet companies with operations in multiple cities in India
  • Client is looking for targeting hyperlocal areas within 5-6 kms of their delivery centers
  • Client has a mix of old and new delivery centers in Mumbai and were looking for different media to target and get traction at hyperlocal level

Campaign/solution design:

Machadalo proposed a mix of media to target customers at hyperlocal level. We proposed different approaches for existing and new delivery centers.

  • Existing centers have problem of recall and lead conversion. This was done by targeting residential societies/corporate parks with Tasting sessions, on-the-spot registrations, app download and limited time offers. Societies were selected by identifying right targets based on client TG.
  • New centers have problem of brand building along with lead generation/conversion: We helped target brand building at low cost by targeting Bu Shelters at prominent routes using traffic data. Lead gen and conversion was tackled through Standees, fliers and Tasting sessions in select societies based on client’s TG.

Execution Details:

  • Brand building requires targeting same customers with multiple media to enhance impressions. We targeted same customers using Bus Shelters, Standees, customized fliers around the same time.
  • Tasting sessions were followed up to enhance conversion

Outcome & Benefits:

Concerted approach helped enhance brand presence. Tasting sessions helped customers experience food and help build quality perception. This, along with sign up offers, helped leads close faster and gain market presence/share.