Case Study 2

Problem/client background:

  • Client has a Multi-Specialty Clinic in suburbs of Mumbai
  • Client clinic helps eradicate a commonly prevalent disease, the awareness of which is low among educated class as well
  • Client wanted to spread awareness about the clinic and identify potential leads for the clinic


Campaign/solution design:

Machadalo identified prominent societies where potential customers can be identified in the age group and disposable income criteria that client helped with

We did a 2-phase campaign targeting selected societies to:

  • Spread awareness about the disease and who can have it through passive promotion
  • Do an awareness campaign to help educate customers, identify potential customers who might have the disease and make them aware of USPs of the clinic

This helped get a very high degree of traction in societies with more than 100 registrations in each society.

Both, potential customers and clinic, benefited as customers got aware of the disease and its repercussions, while clinic got the desired leads.

Execution Details:

  • Target societies were selected based on demographic criteria, income level etc criteria that the clinc mentioned
  • Awareness was done through standee and flier campaign
  • Stall helped do an interactive session with customers to educate them and help identify the ones who may have the disease

Campaign was designed such that it was non-intrusive and away from privacy concerns

Outcome & Benefits:

  • Client got more than 100 leads per society for the identified societies
  • The questionnaire design helped segregate the patients into low, medium, high likelihood of disease. This helped prioritize whom to contact and fine tune messaging to get the customers on-board for treatment.