Case Study 3

Problem/client background:

  • BreadnPulp has only one vision – To make everyday breakfast a daily fancy gourmet affair in the comfort of one’s own home at a cost effective price
  • Client is looking for targeting hyper local areas within 0-3 kms of their delivery centers at Powai and Andheri
  • Client being a start-up wanted both brand based impressions and actual leads.


Campaign/solution design:

Machadalo proposed a mix of media and spaces to target customers at hyperlocal level. We proposed different approaches for different TG

  • For young unmarried professionals we targeted Gyms and Corporate offices for Tasting sessions, as due to lack of time many young people miss or trivialize the most important meal of the day i.e Breakfast. We used Data Sciences to identify those corporate offices where percentage of young unmarried professionals is higher.
  • For working married women to ensure the nutrition they and their kids get is balanced we ran campaign in Residential Societies.


Execution Details:

  • Brand building requires targeting same customers with multiple media to enhance impressions. We targeted same customers using Standees, Machau Posters and customized Quirky fliers around the same time at Residential Societies
  • Tasting sessions were carried out at Corporate Parks with customized Quirky flyers carrying coupon codes.


Outcome & Benefits:

BreadnPulp has successfully captured the taste buds of Powai and Andheri and are looking to explore further opportunities to increase Mind share of customers with repeat orders