Case Study 4

Problem/client background:

Speed Labs is an Education company Founded by alumnus of IITs and IIMs. They provide “Smart Study “concepts using a blend of personal tutoring and technology enabled guided practice to ensure significant improvement in student's academic performance. All tutors are from IITs.

Client has come up with a unique methodology to increase the speed of learning and performance of students studying in Classes 8th to 12th and wanted to get more students for their Powai center.


Campaign/solution design:

Machadalo identified prominent societies and commercial areas where potential students and their parents can be targeted based on data science elements

Machadalo convinced the client to straight away not go with expensive conversion based activation's at the Societies but build multiple brand impressions and leads

The information which was to be communicated to the prospects using media channels was refined and tuned to meet customer’s unfulfilled expectations and client’s delivery strengths

At commercial centers Stall based activation's were designed


Execution Details:

Target societies and Commercial Center were selected based on demographic criteria, income level etc criteria that Speed Labs had mentioned.

Multiple Brand impressions were created through standee and customized flier campaign at Residential Societies.

The interactive Stall based campaign at Commercial Center was planned to invite prospect students for a free demo session and seminar. These were distributed as Gift cards to influencers and Parents.


Outcome & Benefits:

As Speed Labs team and delivery methodology is very strong, Machadalo convinced them to invest more on impressions and leads rather than on conversions, which will automatically happen once the prospects visit their Powai Center. This ensured more budgets were allocated for Brand based multiple impression creation on prospects. Finally, resulting in Higher RoIs.

The seminar and the free demo session helped the client demonstrate their tutoring skills to the students.