Our Services

Our Services:
Security & Housekeeping.
Pest Control & Sanitization.
Technical Services (Maintenance)
Solar energy services.
Broadband Society Management Solutions.
Premise Permissions (Fresh farm produce, Stalls)
K12 Education.
Professional Courses.

We offer our services through WhatsApp ChatBots – Easy, Fast & Reliable!

1. Machadalo Virtual Assistant (MVA):
   1. 9 different sectors on a single ChatBot.
   2. Brings preferred solutions for end-customers using NLP.
   3. Helping 20k+ decision makers across 35+ Cities of India.
Explore MVA https://bit.ly/2NbSftf

2. Machadalo Education Assistant (MEA):
    1. Single ChatBot to deliver needs of Parents, Students & Professionals.
    2. Using AI/ML, we identify best-fit education (Interest mapping v/s Skills).
    3. Quality open source content to incite & develop new interests.
Explore MEAhttps://bit.ly/2YOtjur