Our Services

Machadalo maps traditional and non-traditional ad inventory and then use data sciences to marry them with clients advertising needs.

Non Traditional Ad Spaces

These spaces include but not limited to;

  • Residential Societies
  • Corporate Parks
  • Gyms and Clubs
  • Salons
  • Retail Outlets
  • Pvt Schools and Colleges
  • Food chains

Machadalo has developed deep level tie-ups with Residential Societies, including signed-up agreements with the Managing committees of the majority of the Residential Societies. This has resulted in identifying new types of Advertising inventory at competitive prices.

Similar deep level tie-ups are being identified and implemented with other Nontraditional Advertising inventory holders.

Traditional Ad Spaces (Outdoor)

These spaces include but not limited to;

  • Bus Stops
  • Buses
  • Train Stations
  • Pole based Kiosks
  • Malls
  • Parking Spaces
  • Cinema Halls

Machadalo is capturing new data points around the above mentioned spaces to bring more clarity on the percent budget the client needs to allocate on them. This shall bring more efficacy and optimization, increasing overall RoIs for the client.

These spaces together with Nontraditional and Digital Space complete the Hyperlocal requirements of any Client.

Digital marketing

Machadalo has come up with a unique online-offline approach to hyperloacal marketing. Using geo targeting tools available with Google Adwords we execute digital campaigns in parallel to the offline advertising campaigns.

The results of the combined advertising effort are way better than just an offline campaign as most potential buyers of products and services are online these days. The add on layer of digital campaign adds to the offline higher brand impressions which in turn consolidates the brand perception and sales.