Our Services

Introducing MD Data Science model


  • Customer’s non unique identification details
  • TG quantitative specifics
  • TG qualitative specifics


  • Potential Scope in the sample nano Area
  • Similar nano catchment areas and it’s potential in same or other cities
  • Deeper customer data interpretation

Introducing MD Campaign view analytics model

  • Lead generation programs (ATL + BTL + Digital*)
  • First interaction programs (hot leads)
  • Acquisition programs
  • Marketing problem resolution program
  • Provides response view of On-field activity on daily basis
  • Provides analytics view on aggregated data
  • Provides Sales Conversion Index based on MD Proprietary data
  • Ticket size improvements
  • Repeat purchase issues
  • Retention issues
  • Introducing new service line issues
  • Media mix

Image Audit Reports

  • Real Time Inventory release data and images of current campaign flow, city & campaign wise.
  • Images consist the summary and detailed data of the following:
  • Geo tag and time stamp
  • Condition of Advertising Inventory
  • Distance from exact location of inventory
  • Feature to go back to previous dates to check audited images


  • Overall details around each campaign which are ongoing, completed, upcoming or on hold.
  • Advertising Entity level data around branding, supplier and leads phase wise.
  • Option to add and view comments/permission letters for real time updates and details around each advertising entity.
  • Overall map-view for entities done till date.

View Leads

  • Data points around the leads captured during campaign days.
  • Option to enter and email detailed data around leads week wise.

Booking Details

  • Details around each entity booked for current week.
  • Pipeline list of entities with branding permission and location details for upcoming weeks.

Performance Detail

  • Summary Reports around:
  1. Entire campaign report at one snapshot
  2. Overall Summary report and data around last 3 weeks
  3. Mean, Median and Mode around leads for each campaign
  4. Metrics based reports; Entity wise reports
  5. Location wise reports
  6. Date Wise reports; Distribution graphs
  • Options to compare campaigns; Option to Sort data in ascending and descending order