Our Story

Here is how Machadalo happened 🙂 .. it’s a long story but an interesting one. Stay Tuned.

Scene 1

Normal day for Anupam at Sharda University during admission season was to meet 5 to 10 Offline Media Agencies, each trying to offer advertising inventory which will be best suited for Sharda’s TG, except it never was. These agencies sold bulk inventory with discounts and offers to further confuse the real agenda, i.e Focused Impressions on TG’s mind with increased RoIs. The same were not the issues with Digital Advertising mediums, as they were data backed and platform driven.
Anupam knew where his TG is but did not find any structured offline advertising solution which can reach them in an effective way. A one stop advertising platform where different offline advertising mediums can be planned, bought and campaigns can be managed, executed and measured.

Scene 2

Nitin was heading Western region operations of OYO rooms and he was discovering newer and efficient models to onboard Hotels, Service Apartments etc. He was also discovering possibilities of advertising at such places and the deep impact they might create on the end customer’s mind. Essentially places, where people live, work and spend their leisure time and money.

Scene 3

Anupam and Nitin the old chums they are discuss the problem in detail in May 2015. They realize the possibilities but the big question was how do we  map the right TG for the specific business type? Incomes Pankaj , Nitin’s old friend from IIT-B days and an analytics expert who had in past worked with Mu Sigma. He knew if that we capture the right data fields from ground, a solution can be built. But how do we do the impossible?

Scene 4

Nitin and Anupam start Machadalo in July 2015 and Nitin uses his expertise at Operations to get hold of that data which is everywhere but so difficult to capture that nobody had ever tried to do it without compromising the individual’s privacy needs. Nitin does a successful pilot and Pankaj joins. Anupam in parallel starts building a “one stop” end-to–end platform for Offline advertising.

Scene 5

Anupam identifies that an additional layer needs to be built which connects the offline world with the online; Incomes Naveen an IIT B alumnus and an expert at using internet to increase online traffic and related conversions for businesses. Team Machadalo starts implementing online learning to their ‘One stop Offline platform’ thus working towards Convergence of Digital advertising with Offline advertising.