Our Team

Our Team

 Enthusiastic, Energetic and Awesome – Machadalo team 🙂



Anupam Sorabh, Founder and Solutions Head

Anupam is a non conformist bubbling with restless creative energy. His passions are delicate intricacies of the Universe and its working and has still not been able to come with a better answer then No 42. He started his career as a Technology and Process Consultant, and his last corporate job involved giving direction to 20,000+ students and 1,500+ employees of Sharda University and Group Institutes, we only know that he resonated some creative energy there. In between he has been involved with Start-ups and NGOs trying to find disparate knowledge to master his Cover Drive.

Kriti, Operations Head

Meet Kriti, a highly experienced professional with a remarkable talent for consulting and an impressive track record spanning over eight years at a multinational corporation. Currently, she holds the position of Operations Head at Machadalo since June 2022, where she excels at client management and efficiently handles various operational tasks. Kriti’s unwavering dedication to her professional growth is truly inspiring, always seeking opportunities to contribute and develop further. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure success and growth within the organization.

Momi Borah, Assistant vice President

Momi is a skilled practitioner of operational excellence, consistently delivering exceptional results. As the brilliant leader of Machadalo’s amazing team, she has honed her expertise over 8 remarkable years. At Machadalo, she works for optimal process optimization and creates a positively radiant work culture. She takes immense pride in leading Machadalo’s unwavering commitment to operational excellence. Her exceptional leadership skills continually propel the organization towards greater success, delivering mind-blowing results and surpassing customer expectations through collaborative efforts. If you’re seeking the guidance of a passionate, results-driven leader who knows how to create an exceptional work environment, Momi is the one.