Our Team

 Enthusiastic, Energetic and Awesome – Machadalo team 🙂




Anupam Sorabh, Founder and Solutions Head

Anupam is a non conformist bubbling with restless creative energy .His passions are delicate intricacies of the Universe and its working and has still not been able to come with a better answer then No 42 .

He started his career as a Technology and Process Consultant , and his last corporate job involved giving direction to 20,000+ students and 1,500+ employees of Sharda University and Group Institutes , we only know that he resonated some creative energy there .In between he has been involved with Start-ups and NGOs trying to find disparate knowledge to master his Cover Drive.



Anmol Prabhu

If you check this guy’s Facebook page, he is running a marathon on one day, triathlon on another or preparing for the Iron man. You will also see him do some mountaineering courses or binging at restaurants/streets or even partying every other day

Anmol Prabhu with his dynamic,random and versatile personality brings life at Machdalo with his Business Development and Strategic abilities.

A Go-getter, fun & enthusiastic dude, you wanna chill at Machadalo, go break ice with him.



Vidhi Sahu

First impression when you will meet Vidhi because of her vivacity and keenness to learn , you might feel that she might be Interning .Then you find her carrying out multi-tasking roles in Project Management ,User requirement gathering ,Recruiting ,Readying for another late night stint of Coding  & Discussing next hangout party ,you come to know that she is just perfecting the Art of Coding and Machana.

She has 5 yrs of experience at Machana and Coding .



Shraddha Tripathi

Shraddha an Operations manager at Machadalo is a go getter by heart and believes in taking all the projects heads on.

Working closely with the cross functional teams and ensuring smooth execution of processes is the prime responsibility.An artist by nature, a travel enthusiast, loves creativity and is also officially declared as ‘gundi ‘ of Machadalo



Anil Wadhvani

Anil was the first person to join Machadalo right after his B.Tech. He is responsible for operations at MACHADALO. He is not only passionate about getting more supply on board for MACHADALO but also leaves no stones un-turned when it comes to executing campaigns.

He likes to spend time with Music, Mythology and Philosophy books, wants to go on a world tour. He likes straightforward people that is why he is still single because he hates Jalebi



Ankit Jaiswal

A Singer by choice an engineer by Force…!!!! 😉 ..Engineer from NIT Allahabad, Involved as Operations guy with Machadalo…Miller is his drink…!!!

Work Hard..Party Hard is his way..!!




Govind Singh

At Machadalo ,Govind ensures the best implementation of processes and system of business operations.

Originally from Dehradun and MBA from NCR , he has been handling marketing and business operations in various education companies for more than 7 years. He has deep understanding about the market trend in education industry. With expertise in developing new market, he has developed several new territories in northern region for all organizations he worked for. His last assignment was with a robotics education company ThinkLABS.

Music and travelling are the two things which energises him.

WhatsApp-Image-20160531 Ritika Sharma

Ritika a Software Engineer at Machadalo is fun-loving and well-organized by nature.

Any bug can’t escape from her coder-eyes!! She believes in delivering the perfect solution. She has a zeal for beautifying the look.

Being designer and a travel enthusiast are the other sides of her personality.


Tejas Pawar

Tejas plays multiple roles at MACHADALO, including accountant, operations execution support and HR coordination. Tejas has done B.Com from Mumbai University and likes to travel places on his bike