Our Team

 Enthusiastic, Energetic and Awesome – Machadalo team 🙂



Anupam Sorabh, Founder and Solutions Head

Anupam is a non conformist bubbling with restless creative energy .His passions are delicate intricacies of the Universe and its working and has still not been able to come with a better answer then No 42 .

He started his career as a Technology and Process Consultant , and his last corporate job involved giving direction to 20,000+ students and 1,500+ employees of Sharda University and Group Institutes , we only know that he resonated some creative energy there .In between he has been involved with Start-ups and NGOs trying to find disparate knowledge to master his Cover Drive.

Trupti Prabhu

I am Trupti. I come with 11 yrs experience in sales, marketing and running large programs across sectors. I studied in SPJAIN Mumbai and BE IT Mumbai University.

I am a trained classical dancer , enjoy travelling , random reading, music, arts especially culinary and enjoy wicket keeping in cricket. Sometimes you can see me brimming guitar to old country classics too.

Designation: Chief Growth and Strategy.

Anmol Prabhu

If you check this guy’s Facebook page, he is running a marathon on one day, triathlon on another or preparing for the Iron man. You will also see him do some mountaineering courses or binging at restaurants/streets or even partying every other day

Anmol Prabhu with his dynamic,random and versatile personality brings life at Machdalo with his Business Development and Strategic abilities.

A Go-getter, fun & enthusiastic dude, you wanna chill at Machadalo, go break ice with him.

Bhawana Verma

I am Bhawana. I’m a self taught programmer. Graduated from IIT Roorkee in 2014. I have 4+ years of experience as a software developer. I’ve spent most of these years working with startups and as a freelancer.

Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors. I love cycling, yoga, parkour, taekwondo, badminton, dancing and cooking.

Designation – Sr. Software Engineer