Why Machadalo?

Here are a few great reasons why you should choose us!

Data Sciences: Machadalo captures around 200 data points from residential societies, all anonymous but verified. It also captures extensive data from other non traditional advertising spaces such as Corporate Parks, Gyms, Salons, Retail outlets, Food joints etc.

Machadalo also captures previously un-identified but important Traditional outdoor advertising spaces based data. These spaces include but not restricted to Bus-stops, buses, Pole based Kiosks, Train Stations etc.

Together with the above data points and the data collected from Digital Advertising plus the insights the client shares about their products and services Machadalo applies business specific algorithms on the captured data. These algorithms have feedback loops and capture outcome based insights and improve with every project Machadalo carry’s out. The whole idea is to optimize number of Brand impressions on TG at a lower cost.


Machadalo is building first of its type platform where advertising inventory of any type can be mapped, showcased, searched and purchased. Back-end support to carry out operations with possibility to carry out technology supported Statistical Quality Control based audits of advertising inventory.

Other USPs:

  • Machadalo is capturing new type of Inventory which has never ever been captured .Machadalo by doing this is also establishing price discovery for such type of Inventory.
  • All campaigns are run in non intrusive and uncluttered manner, ensuring maximum impact on the prospective customer.
  • Transparency in sharing information and helping Clients understand possible wastage points very early during the Advertising Campaign.
  • Machadalo provides seamless support and information to both its clients and suppliers.
  • Each business and each product/service is seen as a separate entity and Machadalo helps in identifying the right Brand communication elements at a fraction of cost compared to other Advertising agencies.